Hello Wattpadders, 

If you want to start the crossovers start with A Pointed Journey, then read the first four in this order, Back From the Brink, Why Me, What the Hell (includes Flash). All the rest (which are marked as such in the title) build on these first four. Before you read A Fresh Start you should read Darkened Warriors/Lost Spirits as Running Coyote, who is in Full Circle, is introduced in Darkened Warriors.

I am hooked on Arrow, Supernatural, Flash and now Izombie. I wrote some of the first crossovers between Arrow and Supernatural I am aware of back in 2013, so if you like crossovers I have 9 now and they are all linked, I have a thing for writing series.

I also have another series of three SPN specific fics which are A New Legacy, Don't Wake the Sleeping Dragon and A Winchester's Work is Never Done.

The rest are standalone fics and three original stories. Enjoy!!


PS. I am a feedback whore, so have at it. (Whore in a good way..pronounce it hooer, sounds classier. Just ask Aisha Tyler. )

PPS. If that last statement offends you I apologize. I am just being truthful though. We all crave feedback. :)
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Eiru's ability to keep Sam out of the crosshairs of her native Irish rivals and fiends takes a hit. It was just a matter of time for those that don't think all that highly of her to target him.
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Of Wolves and Warlocks - (Book 12 Arrow/SPN Crossover) by Chaoslillith
Of Wolves and Warlocks - (Book 12 Arrow/SPN Crossover) Fanfiction
It's been over a year since Team Free Arrow became wolves and, somewhat surprisingly given Oliver's rough start, he and his Wolf have melded together well. He's also been working on the emotional trauma that Coyote...
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