Do not copy anything. Any means, usage or reproduction of my novels in any form is forbidden by the author. All the characters used in the stories have no existence whatsoever beyond the writer's imagination and all situations/incidents happened were just inventions.

Respeto po sa mga gustong bumasa at sa mga bumabasa.
Fanfiction of any of my novel will be allowed considering the permission of the author.
Salamat sa patuloy na pagsuporta sa mga novels ko kahit na slow update at may pagkaloka-loka kagaya ko.

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NOTE: Parts of the story will be revised and so wag kayo magulat kapag iba iyon sa online version.

Hintay-hintay na lang.

"Challenges, obstacles and hindrances will make me stronger. Bashers will not determine what kind of person who I am but it will determine what kind of character they have."

Haha, I'm going to write what I want to write. Puso ko ang susundin ko. Oh-hah! Ang baduy ko....

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ChamieChamCham ChamieChamCham Jul 18, 2013 03:28AM
I am uncertain if I'm still gonna write here at wattpad. Too many things coming up. Hope it'll be over soon. -__- (sigh)
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