Hello there! I shake you warmly by the hand...so to speak.
I've always loved to learn new things, but not just to fill my head with facts. I do it because I believe that makes me be a better, wiser person. People always call me a nerd, but I find that term very limiting so I try to prove them otherwise.
I'm not just a nerd. Nobody is just a nerd. Behind that façade, there is so much complexity. But how can I show people who I really am if they don't want to listen?
So, after pondering for a few months, I decided I want some change in my life. My plan is to become more sociable, less cynical and maybe cut down on my brutal honesty.
I'm currently working on the first part of "Project Chameleon", which shows my effort to gain popularity.
Thank you for taking time to read my bio.
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Story by Chameleonical