Author... Is it me suddenly being crazy, my eyes playing a joke on me but the date of publishment of Schwarmerei chapters are all in Jan 1, 1970. Please tell me I'm not crazy.


@HoranghaeBorahae You're not, it's a glitch that occurs for other users too don't worry


hello author I started reading your yandere genshin book and I love it so much if you don't mind asking me when are you gonna update it? Sorry if I sounded so rude but no rush I hope your doing ok right now 


@ Aliyah1_225  Hiii
            First of all I am happy that you enjoy my book! I know that I haven't updated for quite a while. I am very sorry the break but I had plenty of changes in my life so I had no time to do anything fanfic related.
            I will update the book probably today.