please do a sequel!! I love your book, its really amazing!


Your book was amazing your both incredibly talented writers you guys are like pro level good you guys could definitely get a book published if you dont already. I loved reading your book and I cant wait to read more from you and watch you guys grown as writers as you make more and more books. 
          ( not in a creepy way )


Yeah I really like your book I think your an amazing writeer I was wondering if you guys could check out my book fire  and Ice ❄ so I can get your input on it I would really appreciate it thank you.


Please do a sequel this book is amazing and I need another one but keep up the fantastic work 


Love your book that I just read. It is so good. I would love to read a sequel to it. 


Hey, just wanted to say that your book was amazing, and that you should keep up the good work!