My name is Jessie Shama Cetoute. I am a single mother raising a princess & prince. I decided to write about my life because I believe I need to share my story with other young ladies. I strongly want my daughter harmony to know my story. So she knows her mother is strong & will do anything to make sure theirs a smile on her children's faces. I want my son to know he has a warrior as a mother and never needs to worry about her because she will always make sure she's alright. Black women have to be strong due to trauma they been through, so it makes it hard for them to depend on others, trust & even love others because they didn't receive it at home. Being a black woman in this generation it's honestly hard because you have so much people judging you on every little thing. But one thing god did do was make sure he gave us courage, strength, and a mind of steel to make sure we hold ourselves up to a high standard even when others looks at us with so much disgust and try to break us down with derogatory words.
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Stories by Jessie C
Easter Sunday by Cetoute29
Easter Sunday
Its about two lesbians meeting in church. Learning to be comfortable with yourself and being honest with you...
Daddy Issues ‼️ by Cetoute29
Daddy Issues ‼️
Suffering from daddy issues and trying to form healthy relationships but they all turn out toxic.
Giving Your All 💯‼️ by Cetoute29
Giving Your All 💯‼️
Always give your all in everything you do! Put your heart in it 100%‼️ NEVER GIVE UP‼️💯