Okay.....here we go......


HOI   Glad to see you are back!


Hai Cerlina!,I REALLYYY Love your Books and Arts It inspires me!(Of frans ofcourse XD) I hope you continue ur Chapters of it Have a Great day~!


          I'm WinterValkyrie and I come from Vietnam. So I read your story "A Psychopath Love" a other story of your recently and I love it! 
          I would like to ask you about whether can I have permission to translate your works into Vietnamese? I guarantee to you that I will keep the author's name and all the information in the original story, and I will only post it on my Wattpad and will place a warning not to repost it anywhere else IF I get your permission! 
          Thank you very much! 
          P/s: You see, the Undertale's fandom is all overworld even in Vietnam so I want to share your wonderful works to Vietnamese Undertale fandom on Wattpad. I hope that doesn't bother you. 


A lot of people miss you
          Hope you didn't die and just having a busy life like most people 
          Well to tell you the truth you are an inperation for me to wright and to draw a little
          Thanks cerlina 
          <3 Denzel ☺


Caroline Naomi Ryuuma does the nightmare shipp sans frisk please i love your stories sir you like the idea of nightmare with frisk. The story and so, frisk was sent to protect the tree from life and the nigtmare see the frisk played a song on his flute etc. Nigtmare thinks that his brother likes her, and he gets jealous, but the nigtmare does not know that his brother likes another frisk, he watched during his dreams. Thank you, you are here, the summary of the story. Sir, you're a fanArt. I've done this one down here.

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