Well hello there.
My name is, or at least the name people call me by is Tom. Or CelticKnight if you want to use my username.
I am, as you can probably tell a writer and I hope that I am one of a considerable amount of talent.

Stories are my life. I enjoy telling them and making them up in my head. Such as my reasonably popular series Heir to the Elements. If you haven't read it and you're just profile browsing I'd recommend it immensely! It's a good story about some teenagers with super powers and a lot of cool stuff happens and people get hurt. Possibly die.
If you're more into magic I have that too! "Skull's Tale" is based off of a mage from my Heir to the Elements series but soley focuses on the magic within the Heirs universe. Which is pretty awesome.
As for science fiction I have some of that too, Voracious is set on a futuristic planet called Aurora Prime and I am hoping to put some more up there when I find the time.

When I am not writing I focus on my school work and I also have a habit of going camping... Or "going walkabout" if you want to use the Indigenous Australian term.
Anyway, nice to meet you, I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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CelticKnight CelticKnight Dec 22, 2012 12:07PM
@simmy1234 It seems you have :P
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