Oh wow! Hi everyone! Long time no talk! Okay, I have no idea where to start except that I am beyond honored to be nominated in the Classic Rock Awards! Thank you SO very much! I'm not even sure that I'm posting in the right place to reach all of the important people I need to. Huge HUGE thanks for me! I've also been locked out of my account for months because I haven't known my password...cheers to all of you!!!


@CaviarandCigarettes I'm just seeing this now because I sort of gave up hope that you'd ever be back again, but I'm so happy to have some sign of life from you :D I'm glad that you're okay and that you 'just' forgot your password. You definitely deserve the nominations (and that you won)! Now, the question of course is, will you be back to updating your stories?  It's no secret that they are very loved and that you'd make a lot of people happy if you did. If you have the time and inspiration for that, of course 


Hi I know you’ve not been active since 2016 but I love your books and just hope you know that you have a lot of support from all us lot!! ❤️❤️


I just finished my first book on here. It's a Queen book! I would love your advice and input. It's called,  The Red Bikini Dairies. Thank you!


          Hello my dear followers. I´m divulging my story. I hope that you like.
          Jessica is Brazilian and after suffering domestic violence on the part of her mother and stepfather she goes to the London capital to study Journalism and Photography. The young woman hides two terrible secrets which, if discovered, could damage her personal and professional life and she will do everything to preserve these secrets. Meanwhile, Roger, London's greatest womanizer, will do anything to win over Jessica after placing a bet with a college colleague. Will Roger win the girl? Jessica, however, hates Roger, who is her noisy neighbor and will do anything to make the boy miserable. Roger also hides a childhood and adolescence secret and Jessica will do anything to find out. In addition, Queen will be in search of musical stardom, but she will have to face many Fake News from the British press. How will they show everyone that the band has talent?
          Jessica and Roger's life will be intertwined forever.
          And so it begins Once Upon a Time in London.


Oh girl I can’t wait to dive into your stories again!!! You’ve got great selection. I’m psyched. Would if give my Roger Taylor book “First Time” a try. I erased it accidentally and lost my reads (ggggrrrrr!) is do love your opinion on it!!!!


Hey hey! You may not be active but I just wanted to say how much I love your writing and that I appreciate it so much, you are one of or my most favourite writers on watt pad. I hope your doing well sending love!!