HEY EVERYONE!! I’m so excited to announce to you all that Silent Luna’s newly edited chapters are back up to be enjoyed!!! I’m so sorry this took three months of waiting, but now they’re up and the plot holes should be fixed and hopefully the story has had an overall glow up! Thanks for your patience and I can’t wait for you guys to read!! <3


@Cavalier_Spaniel Thank you babes! I could not wait, but I am sure that the patience will be worth it!
          	  I was honestly hoping for the edited chapters and I am happy to see them uploaded/updated.❤


Yayyyy!!! I’m so excited! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!!! 



i loved Silent Luna and am now on Blind and Broken. I know I should read them in order but you always catch my attention no matter what and the stories are always so great I find myself staying up late reading... thanks for the good reads keep them coming 



          I just came across your book Silent Luna..
          I was wondering if it could be read as a stand alone or not...


Yes! It is a standalone book, and then it has a second book that can be read if you would like to continue the series. Because it is the first book, you don’t need to read any before it to understand and enjoy :)


Hi friend, I made a werewolf book, I publish every one chapters on Friday or Saturday or could be both. I kindly ask that you read the first chapters and tell me what you think? I would like to hear anything you say. o(^▽^)o It my first time.