My name is Emily Renee Faith St Claire Grace Russo and i am 17. Im straight, single and i have a dream and that dream is super important to me.

My Dream?

To help millions of kids around the world smile. I want to make girls not just think but believe there beautiful, i want to make a kid who has nothing to believe in have hope for a better future, i want to make a sick kid smile, i want to make kids believe there strong and worth living because they should not be in a hospital bed, i want to walk away at the end of the day and say i made that kid smile when so many ungrateful people complain about things that don't even matter, i want to dress up like a idiot and dance like a crazy person on drugs, i want to take photos and tell stupid jokes just to see those kids smile because that's what is important to me. ❤

Gay is okay
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Well Thank You Captain Obvious

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Description: She lost him But she found herself And somehow that was everything


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No Problem Sergeant Sarcastic.

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It all started when i hit him with my motorbike..... What? He shouldn't have been standing there!

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