Im Kenny. that's all.


Her books:

- What Will Happen When You Drink A Gallon of BLEACH (poetry)

- Unwanted Voices (poetry)

- Bad Seed (poetry)

- Acid Butterfly (Fantasy)

- Destructive Words (Poetry)

- Cruel Hobbies (Horror/Poetry)

- Bite the Dust (Poetry)

- Finding Home (Fantasy) - ON HOLD

- Bible Quotes

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CauseImKenny CauseImKenny Jul 12, 2012 04:15AM
@RoomForHappiness - haha thank you! means a lot and
       my background - i drew it! :)
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Featured work.

Finding Home

Social data: 1.4K reads. 29 votes. 51 comments.

Description: A girl who was lost and didn't even know her own name. After all of her strange dreams, the truth unfolds about herself. She decided to search the place where it was called her home. Her best friend, a dog nam...


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Unwanted Voices

Unwanted Voices

589 43 30

What can I say? Another poetry collection? Oh yeah, go ahead and take a little taste of my life.

Bad Seed

Bad Seed

503 24 9

Poetry of my relationship with GOD - please keep your mind open as you read my poem - very simple and sh...

Acid Butterfly

Acid Butterfly

555 20 18

This story's about a butterfly who was two hundred years old girl named Acid Butterfly and a human boy n...

Destructive Words

Destructive Words

2K 99 67

Another poetry collection. You are on your own risk now - come in or not - you decide.


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