Once upon a time there lived a me. I have forgotten the rest of the story but I'm pretty sure you remember it. Maybe you should tell someone. But remember not to tell too many people. Don't need the word getting out. Or maybe I do....who knows. 

If I've said it once, I'll go ahead and say it again. Buy me muffins. But don't tell anyone. Kay?
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Description: One big mistake. My mistake was answering the door. My mistake was letting him step inside. My mistake was allowing him to catch me. My mistake was not screaming. My mistake was leaving. My mistake was falling in love with him. But maybe my mistake...

Here are my social media's if you want to follow. I'm telling you, you guys have to bug me to update on time. Bug me until I hate you, do it (If you want haha). I don't check wattpad everyday so if y...
Thank you hun! I've actually started college so I've been crazy busy! Apparently an 18 month program means I hardly get any free time or time to breathe! But I have a break coming up and I plan to finish and update. I apologize for all the waiting and stuff and thank you for sticking with me @mybookacademy
Shortcake961 posted a message to CateyBug123
Hi, you used to have an amazing book called The Dragon's Claim. Are you ever going to re-write it because I really wanted to know what happened!! That book was amazing!!
kaylaso_o posted a message to CateyBug123
please upload the original!!! I was only half way through it and it just disappeared! I loved it and would like to finish reading it. IM GOING CRAZY WITH OUT IT!!! PLEASE UPLOAD IT ASAP