Hi! My name is Alyssa! So, I never really expected to love writing, but things changed. I started off with Vampire Diaries fanfics, and now I am trying to write more original stuff. I am now 15, almost 16, and I am now a sophomore in high school. 

One of my most popular books is The Salvatore Sister, which currently has 58.6 thousand reads (July 30, 2017) and I am very proud. I am now writing a book called Rejected, which I originally wrote back in 8th grade, but I am currently rewriting and revising it to make it more detailed, so hopefully I could get it published one day. Anyway, if you read this whole thing, thanks! And don't forget to check out some of my stories!

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Stories by Alyssa George
Rejected by CatatronVonWhiskers
Rejected Teen Fiction
The definition of Emberlynn Marie Jacobbs: A Monster, Laughing stalk, Loner, Sadness that spreads like wildfire. Well, at least that's what everyone else thought. You never really know someone until you spe...
The Salvatore Sister by CatatronVonWhiskers
The Salvatore Sister Fanfiction
Will Emily ever find true love? She seems so young, but she is really 127 years old. Her brother's are Damon and Stephan Salvatore, but will they ever find out that there sister is still alive? Will Emily fall in l...
Stefan's Daughter. (The Vampire Diaries) by CatatronVonWhiskers
Stefan's Daughter. (The Vampire Diaries) Fanfiction
*Spoilers if you haven't started 7th season* Hi, Im Jamie Salvatore, my life has been a mess since I was adopted by my abusive 'mother' Tris. My friends would always ask about the bruises, but I would just make up...
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