Okay so lets give this a shot? Maybe?

Alright I enjoy reading more than writing.

As my username implies i love cats!

I let my sister write on this account often, please read some of her books.

I have recently noticed i prefer to be alone with a book than in a crowd of loud people.

I am a bit of a loner, i have plenty of 'friends' to say hi to but only three that i am close to and one that i am super close to. They are awesome!

My favorite book on this sight is Bleeding Royalty Part 1&2.

I am a proud Christian but i can write with mythology and stuff. It doesn't mean i believe it!

I am homeschooled but I (unlike many) am social and quite normal. Okay im not normal im ME! I will say almost every homeschooled kid i've met was creepy.

I love to act, that is the one thing I truly enjoy and it makes me so happy when i'm on stage. There is absolutely no way to describe it, but if you act, you know what im saying. ;)

I have no favorite book out there, but i love PJO TKC and THG.

I love avatar the last airbender!

Korra is awesome!

Who can decript how i feel about myself most of the time from my fav songs?
I Can Do It Alone
Set Fire To The Rain
God's Not Dead (roaring like a lion)

Who can guess my real name from all my main characters?
Which One?

Please chat me! Makes me so happy!
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CatWoman13 CatWoman13 Jun 14, 2014 02:21PM
            First off, thank-you so much for taking the time to even consider me! However, I'm afraid I do not want this story entered in any contest. It's poorly written, completely un-pl...
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The Avengers Meets X-Men Dream... Literally.

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Description: I had a dream the other day and this is what happened. This is just a short story but I think it's pretty cool. It's what would happen if I ran into The Avengers in Orange Leaf.

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