My name is Alejandro ;) 

I love to read and read easily 2-4 novels a week. I'm 33 years old, I work a lot. I live in Miami, Florida. Just recently started publishing my works. You all inspire me!

I love raw open honesty, I think every personality is beautiful and unique and as long as your compassionate and practice kindness goodness will follow.

I love stories that are in these categories: manxman, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, paranormal romance, boyxboy, slash, yaoi
Authors I like =D

Raekitano, Benjaminhopps, Nac101, Elveloy, Chiskey56, Immlaaarr, KrissandraC, Roughdrafthero, Justwriter, hopelessnerd99, Amysence and so much more =D
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Sacred Sun (Book I)

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Description: Donavin is a youthful and energetic twenty one year old guy, who by chance meets Jeramiah a handsome thousand year old Vampire that owns Sacred Sun; a metaphysical shop in Tampa, Florida. Donavin soon discovers there is evil threatening to destroy...

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Sacred Moon (Book II)

Sacred Moon (Book II)

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The Sacred Sun series is an LGBT Paranormal Romance about a divinely empowered twenty one year old Vampi...

Armor Skin Deep

Armor Skin Deep

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This is the product of wine, music and random thoughts. Not so much poetry as much as just a raw journal...

Loved Alone

Loved Alone

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Just some thoughts that poured from my mind. Came out as poetry. Enjoy.

Vampire Ascension (Hold)

Vampire Ascension (Hold)

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Ezekial is a powerful Vampire of noble birth. He is the son of Queen Celest and brother of Mika. Born i...

Chapters 1-8 edited. I'm on Chapter 9 now. I'm removing a couple of things from the bottom, removing "POV" notations. Cleaning it up a bit. I don't want to really change the content too much though I feel when I have a bit more time and more Wine I'll probably start working on the second drafts. The Chapters will be lengthened. I know this is a first draft and my amature writing skills show but this was very much an outline that happened to make enough sense as it progressed to share. I usually don't like really long elaborations but I feel the second draft of Sacred Sun will have to build upon the characters history before the first night in Ybor City and I'd like to create more of a build up into the story and beginning of Jeremiah and Donavins relationship. The whirlwind of fast romance is a legit truth these days but I'd like it to me more logical and easier to grasp for other readers. Anyhow I'm rambling. Be well and stay tuned.
I've started the process of editing my works. I've edited the first three chapters of Sun. I'll going and then work on Sacred Moon. Sorry for disappearing for so long. I live in Miami now got a quaint apartment near my parents house. Loving it so far. <3 be well