I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good

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I am: Online

I survived:
The Hat Fic
Dipper Goes To Tacobell

please go follow @WarriorsOfMistClan and/or sign up! we still need one warrior!

please don't steal my art! all haters will be reported.

Weiss is my baby.

Elements of Harmony (my version)
Love: @Undertale_Fan

upcoming books:

If I Fell In Love~ (A RariDash AU)
Forcing Myself~ (Finn x Becky WWE)
Warriors Icefeathers Fall
Beauty and The Beast (RariDiamond)

I am Alice Edwin. Gryffindor House. My friends include Harry Potter, Ron Weasely, Hermione Granger, and Neville Longbottom. And maybe Draco Malfoy? I'm not sure.

Hi! I'm CJD! Here are some things about me:

I'm female
I love MLP
I love Warrior Cats
I am bisexual and Demiromantic, meaning I need a strong bond with someone before having a romantic feeling about them.
don't talk crap about ships I love around me or you'll need an icepack for those burns. (okay joking but seriously don't say 'I hate (insert name of OTP)' around me)
don't talk about ships I hate around me, unless we are PMing and trashing the ship. actually if you wanna trash a ship with me PM cause that's fun bro.
don't mess with these people because I will personally mentally kill you if you do:
mess with them, you mess with me. got it?

I love rping! especially as furries! if you wanna rp you can PM me or tell me on the message board!

comments make me so happy! so if you like one of my books or have some constructive criticism, go ahead and say so!

Follow me on my Quotev! It is GrandGryffindor

also, of anybody knows where 'Viva La Noctem' came from c'mere and give me a hug and tell me on the message board!

Until then, mischief managed.
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