R.I.P Mac Miller, it’s a shame, but I personally don’t think anyone should be hating on Ariana Grande for it, it wasn’t her fault in any way. R.I.P. 


Yeah it’s so stupid. How on earth os it her fault?


Hi I'm one of followers I'm starting a book about once upon a time it like a season 9 I really like your books thanks make sure to bring the news out please .


Idk if this will work but if it does, then imma take advantage of this like everyone else is :D PLZ FEEL FREE TO FOLLOW AND CHECK OUT MY BOOKS. IF WE ARE INTERESTED IN THE SAME STUFF FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME :)


Hey! So, I need your advice! I made a book cover for someone’s book on here, but trouble is, I have no idea how to give it to them. I use an iPhone for Wattpad and I don’t know this person personally, but i rlly want to send the pic and i have no idea how. Plz help?


@CaptainSwan1105  if they have it on their phone they can screenshot and  crop


Dear CaptainSwan1105,
          Good evening and sorry to disturb you but I am here to tell you about an ongoing fanfiction award that is in need of Admins, judges and participaters.
          If care to join us, please click the link below.

          Again, sorry to disturb you and hope you have a nice day! : )

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We’re only sleep deprived cuz we stay up reading fan fiction all night 😂 and we’re not obsessed. *scoff* ... MARRY ME OMG PLZ ACTUALLY NO DONT MARRY CLARY CUZ YOU TWO ARE SO FREAKUNG CUTE THE FEELS I CANT EVEN LIKE AGHAJHAJJDNNRNHWAJKSKR 😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭😭