Grave Digger now has 30 chapters uploaded. 


@CaptainLux07 hi one night what's next??


Hi, are you planning on updating Just one nicht? I really like the story (and all of your other ones) ❤️


Okay, thank you for answering!


Just One Night is a passion project. I usually play around with it when I have inspiration but it isn’t consistent. 


Hi, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your books, I felt really seen in the way the way you’ve written your characters. If you ever decide to publish print copies of your stories my purse will stay open for you. Thanks for sharing your stories


          would you be posting more of the Nomads Guide? Or has the book been removed for good?


Thanks, both books  are amazing  


Grave Digger is a rewrite of Nomad’s Guide because I genuinely felt like the story needed a major rewrite, I did it because the story felt massively incomplete in terms of plot, and I didn’t want to keep going if it wasn’t completely flushed out. 
            I removed Nomad’s Guide, and reworked the plot and the elements I wanted to include. It’s no where near the same but it’s a better than how I started, I believe. 


Solitary.... Most insane emotional roller coaster... Beautiful... Dark and deep... Wow.
          I've read many Werewolf books. This is the first time I read a book where a Queen stood her ground without being mushy.
          Thank you for writing such a splendid story.


Hi Captain 
          I've read Solitary twice because the first time I was just traumatized because of all her hardships then the second time it was for understanding and I must say I got it got Sol, She's so brave ,She, They them didn't break, You are super talented Captain Thank you for sharing your talent with us, I loved how Nick was resilient too, a little asshat at the beginning but by the end a great mate who learned to listen, the entire gang was amazing,She got her own unique family in the end


I just finished reading Solitary and I must say it's by far the best book I've ever read and connected with. I finished it within 4 hours I was totally hooked. This is amazing work. Keep it up you're an amazing writer(:


I just finished Solitary and I have some things to say. 
          There hasn’t ever been a book I have connected with more than Solitary. For the first time in my life, I felt seen and understood. I didn’t feel empty for the nearly 80 chapters that I read in about 3 hours. 
          You are so amazingly talented that it blows me away. I can only hope to touch people’s souls with my books one day, like you’ve touched mine. 
          I will never have the words to truly express how grateful I am to you and your book. It is a masterpiece and you are magnificent. 
          Thank you from the bottom of my deep dark heart for making me feel less alone