Part-time writer and full time asbestos abatement worker. 

I sometimes see or read things and decide that they need more action, guns, and badassery.

I also enjoy proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

Music preferences include Eurobeat, heavy metal such as Metallica, and video game soundtracks.

I live in Idaho, USA; and as such own several guns. I am an avid fan of firearms, military history, and warfare technology.

SCP-1471 is pretty legit. I do, at this point, consider myself to be a furry. I will note, however, that I personally have no desire of yiffs or other porn. I also do not own a fur suit, nor will I partake in any conventions.

I do enjoy the occasional spot of RP, as long as it's SFW. That is the primary reason I am a furry. One of the users in a SCP-1471 Mal0 Discord that I moderate for gifted me a "Mal0sona", and I felt that it would be neat if I used it.

If you wish to join the Discord group, I'd start here. The invite link is pinned.
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