Some things you should know about me

~I love Keaton Henson
~ keep secrets to myself
~ I'm incredibly lazy
~I don't really write, I read instead
~ I like a cute boy
~ I'm dating said cute boy
~ I hate judgemental people
~ I'm 17 and a senior
~ My favorite movies = Heathers & 7 Pounds

Also Austin Texas is the most amazing place in the world and I'm going to college there so you should totally be jealous c;
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    This Wonderful Earth (:
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    May 04, 2011 10:04PM
CantFindKeyboard CantFindKeyboard May 16, 2012 07:51PM
@Love_Blue_Eyes cuz i read over it and didnt like it ;(
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No Hero To Save Me

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Description: Fayon is a girl with a special talent, which she doesn't know how she got or what she needs it for. She's currently in high school with her best and only friend Noah. They met a few years a back, and bonded r...


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