Mad 😂
Absolutely retarded laughter freak 😝😂
SanDhir and ParSh shipper for life 💕 ❤
Forever fangirl 😘🙈😍

Overthinker rather over analyser
Basically suffering from the analysis paralysis syndrome 😂😂😂
I write based on my mood and only when I get ideas

K- dramas ❤ Pakistani dramas ❤
Married to Mr. Kim Hyun Joong 😍😍😍❤❤❤
in my mind off course 😂😂😂

Sorry I do not take any reading suggestions so please avoid advertising on my wall 🙇🙇

Plagiarism is a serious offence and any person I find doing that to my works will be straight away blocked and reported to wattpad authorities so DON'T DARE TRY!!!

Any kind of negativity and criticism will straight away be blocked so all such people STAY AWAY !!!!

Spread love 💕 Spread peace 💞 Spread positivity 💕

Stay happy 😊 Stay blessed 😇
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