I would have to take a break again. I know i haven’t updated much over my last break but i have to sort some things out as some of you know and i don’t have time anymore. But during my break I’ll try stack up some chapters before publishing them so it could be constant. Thanks for understanding!!!! <3


@CandyLover808  best wishes.❤❤❤❤❤


Like horror. Seeking the truth. Behind all doors. Coming for you. Shadows and demons. Screaming in your ears. Love exploring haunted houses. Come hence here. See the possessions and ominous deeds to creaking and thumping come read LEGIONS INSIDE.Because it is just for you


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          Please do check out all the chapters of my novel"Till Your Death". It would mean a lot if you do so.
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Oh my gosh, are you really a Filipino? Did you have any relatives residing here? I'm sorry if you're startled. By the way, I'm not a stalker or some kind of criminal so don't freak out. Well, I'm also a Filipino and I love your book Scary Stories. I was really looking forward to making friends with other writers, especially Filipinos who are residing on other countries. I'm so happy that someone like you can really show off special skills on writing as a Filipino