Hey everyone, this is the place for a Percy Jackson Role Play, if you wanna join, then just state your name and godly parent. REMEMBER! THIS IS CAMP HALF-BLOOD. WHERE GIRLS START WARS WITH CURLING IRONS, AND CONVERSE CAN CUT YOU!

Just post your characters on the message board :)
Character full name:
weapon of choice:
godly parent:
a couple characteristics:
how your character looks:
how long they've been at camp:
a picture of your character:
one funny story from your character:
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Catherine Mystery. 
      Weapons all.
      She is a goth who hates life but was taught weapons by her father who is a human. But his father was Loki and no one forced him to come to camp. Buuut nooo She has too. 
      Black hair paleish skin. Blue eyes.
      She just arrived.
      She got caught stealing from another gods child and is now stuck here.