When I moved from the North to the heat of the South, long summer days spent fighting mosquitoes and flies gave me a new appreciation for the indoors, where all that was left for me to do was daydream and create as I gazed out my window at the low hanging magnolia trees and the little pond across the way. I love creating people and places that come alive for me, and my great hope is that others find the same joy in my offerings.

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Stories by CamiYork
Dirty Little Secrets by CamiYork
Dirty Little Secrets Teen Fiction
This work belongs to Cami York and is not free to be used by anyone else ©2017 All Rights Reserved Havenhurst Virginia is no one's idea of a cosmopolitan town. The streets in town are still paved with cobblestones...
The Life by CamiYork
The Life Fanfiction
Edward Cullen had been born a Volturi. He knew his history like the back of his hand, his ma made sure of that. He knew what blood ran through his veins, what it meant. He also knew that there were some with that s...
Tennessee Heat by CamiYork
Tennessee Heat #510 in Teen Fiction
In the space of four months Annabelle Scacci goes from High School graduate who lost out on a promising scholarship because of the lack of extra curriculum under her belt, to the girl caught in the middle on a one...