First off, my name is Anjie. Don't actually call me Malfoy you dimwit. Only if you're special. Let's assume you're not special.

Now, let's cut to the chase. Most of you are only here for one of two reasons: you're a Harry Potter fan and liked my username (I swear if another person asks "Do you like Harry Potter" I will flip. Of fucking course I like Harry Potter) or you liked my picture and you thought you'd take a look. If the second one is all you then you can hold your horses buddy; I'm currently in a long distance, virtual marriage with a friend so you have -23% of a chance. :)

Now normally this is where I go on listing random facts about myself that no one actually cares about. So to save us all the boredom, I'll just go with the basics. I'm blazian (if you don't know what that is then oh well). I'm also a bitch if you haven't noticed, but it's okay because you'll probably assume I'm joking and laugh at the mean things I say. I have a dirty mind, and if that makes you uncomfortable I don't really care because clearly you aren't as awesome as I am.

If you haven't noticed, I suck at these. Frankly I'm too blunt, and that may get me into trouble eventually but fuck it, it's not my fault you're sensitive.

That's all I have to say. If you enjoyed that, you're weird. Simple as that. Idk what to tell ya. Message me if you wish, otherwise be gone. And remember: Don't hug me. Don't call me "hun". Don't try to give me advice or attempt to help me because I seem upset. Just don't. Kay. Have a nice day :)

My Friends:

@OliverClothesoff This guy right here is the best guy I've ever met. He pretty much keeps me sane, and I don't know what I'd do without him. Plus he has the voice of an angel c;

@BAMbooks One of the most amazing people on the planet. She's a saint, and she has the largest heart I've ever encountered.

Skype: CallMeMalfoy
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RIP to my bsfitw @tottalythebeesknees <3
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