"And for once, I didn't look back."

-Percy Jackson



A ÐĒMÎGØÐ; half girl, half god

A HÊRÕ; half human, half hero

A FÂŇGÏRL; half demigod, half I don't even know all I care about is ships and ships and SHIPS SQUEALLLLL



THIS WILL NOW BE MY PERCY JACKSON ACCOUNT. I will write PJO fanfictions...yay??? It will probably include percabeth, jiper, caleo, etc. I started the series about a few months ago and they are freaking amazing! You need to read them, like seriously!


My ships:

Pretty much everything Rick Riordan has made canon. Also too many to count \_(=/)_/ lol. My OTP is Percabeth though. And my stories will mainly focus on Percabeth while other ships are happening. So yeah. If you don't like percabeth...SHOO!


I just really love the Percy Jackson series, I'm giving this a go. I hope you they'll like it =) Stories will be coming soon!

Thanks for checking this account out.


My other/ main account is @moonwatcher71 so yeah!
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