Hello there! It's a pleasure to meet you!
I'm Caitlin, but feel free to call me Katie if you would like. I'm a college student who is working on my A.S. Degree in Computer Networking and Security.

I discovered my love for writing in middle school, after my math tutors recommended I join their centers writing program. I had so much fun creating stories, that I never really stopped after that. I've been telling stories ever since.

I'll be the first to admit that my writing isn't perfect. Unfortunately, most U.S. schools place an emphasis on getting students to write at all, rather than getting them to write properly. As such, I learn most of my grammar from those who correct me. I also have a tendency to correct others, which is how I ended up on this site in the first place.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you've got any questions about my stories, or check out my "website" which is just my tumblr blog.
You can reach me at the following addresses:
kittyluva2@gmail.com <- Checked Daily
kpfailmail@gmail.com <- Checked Daily
kittyluva2@yahoo.com <- Checked once in a blue moon when I'm on my kindle and remember it exists.
caitlinannpatton@gmail.com <- Checked weekly (will change once I remember to add it to my mail client)

Commenting works too, by the way. :P

I have ADHD, which means I'm easily distracted, and hyper. It also means that I tend to lose track of things. Like updating, or the topic of the paragraph on page 4.

I have a Twitter, a Facebook, a Google+, and a tumblr. My Twitter, Google+ and tumblr are public, so if you find me, shoot me a message! :-) Unfortunately, at the moment my facebook is reserved only for the people I've met in real life.

I hope you like my stories! :D
Note: I am aware that Stories Under the Velvet Sky is in severe need of editing. I'm currently working on it, though it will take me awhile because I have other stories I intend to finish first.
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CaitlinAnnPatton CaitlinAnnPatton Jan 01, 2016 12:01AM
Happy New Years, everybody! 
            It's only 4PM here, but I'll be working past midnight, (probably, maybe. I don't know yet.)
            I'm a waitress now! Now I don't have to worry about cooking, which is nice.
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