For those who don't already know, I'm going to try my hand at a werewolf novel. So if you're looking for a romance novel with a twist that's sure to blindside you, give it a try (if werewolves are your thing). 
          	I'm looking to update at least once a week. Wish me luck and hopefully I won't screw it up! 
          	Trinity (A Werewolf Novel) Excerpt:
          	"You smell like wolf," The King Alpha declared, his voice low and angry.
          	"I killed one," I both explained the smell and threatened at the same time.
          	"And you think you can kill me? You think you can take my pack?"
          	I glanced around at all the lycans still in their wolf forms, bowing obediently towards me. Could I take all of them on? I doubted it. I didn't even think I'd get this far. I didn't even know what was going on.
          	When I turned back to the King Alpha, he was significantly closer.
          	"Stay back!" I cried out in fear. The power flared within me once more, lifting whimpers from around me. The King Alpha hesitated again, his eyes skating over me with confusion. He took a deep breath, sniffing the air around me as he hadn't yet gotten any closer.
          	"You smell like... my mate."


@CaitSarai The story is amazing


@CaitSarai your the best and i and millions of other enjoy your work no matter what it is!!


@CaitSarai Welcome back Caitlin! Can't wait to read your new book 'Trinity', and thank you for your brilliant creativity that you canvas out beautifully for us to read. xoxo:)


I use the Wattpad app so, I find it hard to find the authors name. When I realized yours I was floored. I first read your stories over 10 years ago on a now forgotten site to most. I'm very impressed with your writing. I take my hat off to you and hope you decide to publish your writing as I would gladly purchase them for my book collection.


I love all your books, I’m waiting on an update on trinity, I’ve finished touch me and struck. You are probably the most talented writer I’ve found on this app. It breaks my heart to know the sequel to struck (static) has been on hold for three years. May I ask will you ever update it? And if not, maybe it’d be best to take down both struck and static as there are too many questions left behind at the ending which leaves an unsatisfied feeling for the reader. Please get back to me soon, thank you


I was reading your Trinity(did I spell that wrong?) and I loved each and every ch of it. So well crafted and we'll written. The way you build the character and the plot is just mind blowing. Moreover, there is no sudden romance or pointless facts either. Loved it and hope you will write more. Thank you for writing this. 


Your book is quite interesting ,everything is super wow starting with your correct choices of vocabulary used,, i just love it


I love this novel. It inspired me to start writing again . Please check my story A Defensive Heart I would love to have your opinion. 


I love your writing style! I am finishing all your books... Just one question... When will you finish Struck's sequel?
          P.S. touch me had me in tears at the last chapter... AMAZING! 

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