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hello there, someone or another you've stumbled upon this random lunatic's profile. You can call me Cady :)

Since I'm still experimenting on my genre expertise, you'll be seeing a combination of genres written by me. So far it's been action/ thriller, and I'm currently trying my hands on fantasy and teen fiction. I love grammar nazis, and honest/ constructive critism are always welcome with open arms! I love my readers more than pizza, and I dedicate chapters and feature them in my books for avid readers of mine.

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➳ I'm a hard-core horror addict- blood, death, vampires, clowns... you name it, are my favourites. other than all those, i love food, reading and writing.

➳ Some of my fandoms include the vampire diaries (it's astonishing the number of times I've cried over fictional couples), shadowhunters, the hunger games, the selection, and divergent.

➳ I'm on Wattpad 24/7. I do book reviews, edit books, host awards/ book clubs, and write novels. I'm not seen reading here often, but I do roleplay a lot. I use this account most out of the others, so PM me here if you need to contact me ;)


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➳ ceaseless flame | ✓

➳ forthright book reviews

➳ the infinitudes [coming in 2018]

if you're planning on reading my works, don't expect anything close to sunshine and rainbows. i'm a crazy alien who adores dark fiction, horror and destruction.

@Ms_Horrendous is my holy senpai and idol, the Queen of horror, and I love her to death.

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Hello! I just want to apologize for my sudden disappearance -- I've been having exams and tests a lot lately. And since this year's a streaming year for me, homework has been fighting wars with me da...
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Ceaseless Flame | ✓ by Cady_Cheshire
Ceaseless Flame | ✓
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