I've unpublished my fics for the time being. Sorry about this. They'll be back up soon. I'm just tired of people reposting my stories :) 

(You can blame the user DuringTwilight (now @chrisevans_husband), who reposted three of my stories in their stony oneshots book to 'help me get views' when a.) they're getting the views, not me b.) they never asked me first, and c.) they gave no credit. Normally I wouldn't publicly expose someone like this but they blocked me instead of kindly taking the stories down like I asked.)

Stop reposting stories (AND ART, TOO) without asking the creator first! And if you don't know who the creator is, DON'T REPOST IT AT ALL! 'Credit to the artist/writer' is not good enough!!!
  • reposting other people’s stories is plagiarism :)
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I’ve just realised that the person who stole my fics has since changed their username. They’re now @chrisevans_husband. Their work ‘together - stony oneshots’ has 77.7k reads, and three of the chapt...
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