Fanning officially over :/

favorite bands
all american rejects
Linkin park
secondhand serenade (not my favorite but its okay)
All time low
Boys like girls
Three Days Grace
Breaking Benjamin

When I don't have anything to say or run out of things to say, I put up smiley faces. :)

@heartburningwithfire <--- person (way too nice for her own good)

@wubbleyou <--- person (TREEE)

@when_forever_ends <---- and another person (partner in crime)

@ephemeralwind <------- ( my not so other crazy neighbor)

go fan them :)

And yes, CLS stands for something XP

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His, Only

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Description: Ignore them. Don't say anything. Keep your head down. Don't look them in the eye. If you don't. Your life will be anything but happy. Fall in love with them. And you're a goner. But what do you do when they su...


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Story Reading List

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