Hallo an alle! 

If you didn't know, that was German for 'Hello Everyone!’ which is what I am.

No, I’m not 'Hello Everyone!' I'm German. Guess that adds an extra meaning to Grammar Nazi. No, I did not say my Grandma is a Nazi.

She isn’t.

Not technically.

Obviously I enjoy writing, but I have to warn you; I have a tendency to start a story and take my sweet German time finishing it.

Consider yourself warned.

I really enjoy writing romance, though I try my best to keep them from becoming cliché. I hate cliché. I guess in a Clique Nazi now too.

A word to the wise; you might want to ignore the Nazi stuff. I'm NOT a Nazi and nor do I support ANYTHING Hitler did during WW1 and WW2 and nor is any of my family Nazi’s. I just like making fun of my heritage. But I'm allowed to; it’s MY heritage after all.

Got a problem with that?


Do ya?

No? Okay then. Where was I?

Oh! That’s right! So I’m not telling you my name, but I’m 15 and my aspiration in life is to become a Historian or perhaps an Anthropologist.

Or maybe a criminal mastermind.


Hey, did I mention I’m real-life friends with the soon to be Wattpad extraordinaire Maddiiee?

I didn’t?

Well I am.

Go check out her stuff, she’s amazing!

So, ah, yeah.

That’s all for now.

Abschied von guten Freunden
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GabiGeranium posted a message to CHIMEIA
Hi, something I noticed when reading Blindside is that you've misspelt gin joint in the teaser. I'd hate to just uselessly point out typos but it's something that's gonna make people want to or not want to read your book and the spelling mistake is one that I actually had to re read to know what you meant.