Little About Me:I'm 13 and love reading fanfic and other romances(Judge me all you will) and fantasy's. I get into trouble in class for reading when not suppose to ????.

I love gaming, right now it's Rainbow Six Siege, The Divison, GTA 5, And Minecraft.I'm the type of the player that doesn't care for Clans and player interaction(Lonely4Lyfe)

I have no love life and am a single Pringle. I love giving people motivation and help whenever I can.

One thing that I absolutely hate is when a very good story gets discontinues without a reason. THIS DOESN'T MEAN I HATE DISCONTINUED STORYS. I just hate when people give up for no reason.

But anyway I'm a inspiring Chinese and German guy who will help when Help is needed and will binge watch horror stuff without knowing. It's a really bad problem but not as bad as spending 5 hours just reading fanfics @YurieTheAkwardAuthor and @PhoenixWritesFics there the best and great writers. CHECK EM OUT.

I Call my readers Soldiers because if they can tolerate my work then there tough. I call people mate randomly even if there not a friend.

CGIEffect Signing Out Soldiers
-> Tyler Wang Mak
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