Si I posted the smut chapter for Savage little nerd. Just wanted to say it’s super long, it’s more than 3000+ words Hope you guys enjoy it!


@Bxtch_Im_Fabulous Y O U A R E S O F U C K I N G G O O D


Are you going to make a new story anytime s
          oon?? I'm really excited And Your Savage little nerd is really iconic, I love the way that you didn't made your Uke weak like other typical stories cause mannnnn! It's not fun anymore like I get that weak,Innocent and a Pacifists Uke is Cute buttt deyummm ghorlll it's like everyone's saying That Ukes are like past Women, that they should just be weak and just become the semes slut and take care of the house shits, damn I've bragged. My point is I love how unique your story is uwu❤️


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Why did you change so much in Savage little nerd, i read it maybe a year ago and it was so much better than how it is now, this shit is hella cringey. It was better b4 tbh☺️


Hi Author❣️
          I really love your stories. Yes, I'm straight but I really love Yaoi, Like really
          Okay, I'm looking forward for your new stories. Hoping more Yaoissss to come hehe.
          Yaoi is fun especially if the author is a weeb


RE: "We are all Queens of our own kingdom" on your bio. Um, eh - YES! I love that. Everyone -  Your life is your queendom and only YOU know how to rule it. Long may we all reign.