My name is Anna but you can call me Ann, Annie, or banana, whatever is easiest. I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world :) He is my life. Currently he's very far away right now and won't be back for awhile. :( But, I'm easy going, mostly shy 'til I get to know ya then I'm hyperactive. I can make friends with anyone. I love writing (of course) aspiring novelist (I wish) (about 30 books started and only 3 finished) I love painting and sculpting. Total English nerd, gamer (favorite games Halo, Legend of Zelda) I just started college. Whooop! :3 I'm going for English and Creative Writing and maybe psychology if i get around to it lol. If you wanna talk just message me here or on facebook.

Favorite music to listen to while I write: Aiden, Avenged Sevenfold, The Wanted, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Foo Fighters, Seether, Black Veil Brides, Nickelback, Rise against, Muse, Disturbed or the more calmer side...Chopin, Apocalyptica (instrumental version) Mostly rock though. I like something to bang my head too :3

Favorite books: Anything by Anne Rice, Redemption of Athalus (Favorite book!), The Iron Fey series, Hunger games. And, on here you can see my reading list down below. I recommend all of them on there.

Quotes by me:
"One day I would like to be known as an Author, not a writer."
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger don't ever give up on what you believe! Fight for what you know is right and cherish everything you know and love because you might not live to see tomorrow."

I write romance mostly...well actually that's really all I know to write. I throw in action. pshh romance stories with out a bad guy or a fist fights is boring. I write what I would watch so no boring crap around here!

(\__/) ♫
(>'.'<) ♪
(")_(") Bunny!

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BunnyGirl19 BunnyGirl19 May 17, 2013 07:04PM
It is official! June 25th is the set date of the release of "Love Me Always". It is much different than the original version.
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