I love horror stories and stories that leave you like "OMG WTF I CANT BELIEVE IT!" Joined Wattpad cuz one of my friends showed it to me, and it seemes pretty cool. 

Anime: black butler, soul eater, gintama, hetalia, death note, naruto, and hellsing

Favorite color: Black, White and Royal blue

Favorite animal: Fox (cuz they are smexxi)

Favorite Video Game: The Legend of Zelda

Occupation: Artist, Video Gamer, Stay at Home and Be Lazy-er

Dream Job: President of Nintendo

Dream Car: Classic Volkswagen Beetle (Don't judge me they are freaking awesome! When you get stuck in a traffic jam and I am getting my way through Dont say I didn't tell you so!)

[ ] single
[ ] taken
[ x] who cares? I'm still badass!
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    Carolina, Puerto Rico
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    Apr 21, 2012 06:00PM

BunniBrown BunniBrown Aug 28, 2012 02:26PM
            You lucky prick I envy you! :P
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A Spider's Thread (A Soul Eater FanFiction)

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Description: Kyo, a meister, and her weapon Roxas, a Bolster sword (look it up, kinda looks like Soul Edge) are students at eh DWMA, the Death Weapon-Meister Academy. The creator of the school, Lord Death, also called Shin...


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