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About me? Lol. Well this might take...well only a second. You know my name and where I am currently located. I go to Union High. Go U-Town! My fav sports teams are LSU and Saints. (No. I have never lived in Louisianna. Though, I want to.) My fav color is sunset gold and I love foxes and wolves. Vampire vs werewolf? Werewolf all the way, Baby. I am 5'1, I think. I can act childish sometimes but I am really sweet. I protect my family and friends with my life. I volunteer at a local animal shelter when I visit my father for one month in the summer. I love animals and they seem to love me. I love to read, wright, and draw. I enjoy doing stunts on my dirtbike, target practicing with my bow, playing my guitar, or just plain hangin out. I sometimes give the first impression that I am the happiest, lively, innocent, unbroken girl you have ever seen. But that is far from the truth. I have been through quite a life. Surprisingly, I keep my wide grin on my face most of the time. Yea. I am easily broke. Yea. I am fragile. But I can be as dangerous as I am harmless if you push me to it. I am a great listener if you ever need one. I am the kind of girl who, if saw a starnger cryin, I would lend an ear and addvice in a heartbeat. Though, I have my moments of blondeness(even though I am a proud brunette), I can be very smart and helpful. I guess you could say I am also the kind of girl who will bust out laughing at something that happened yesterday. Lol. Wanna know a secret? If you cant find me, always look to the woods. Oh..........and I am a Scene Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Union, Mississippi
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    Oct 27, 2011 10:48PM
BryannaRobbins BryannaRobbins Jan 03, 2012 01:13AM
@Ashladee13 Well thank you. That means a lot to me. :D I like your hair in your picture too!
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