*Mwuahahah, I will rule the world with my army of sexy demons!*
My name is Nyasia, but yhu can call me "BrooklynBabbii" for now until I silence you with a roll of duct tape and cockle shells while you wait for my return at the iron maidens. If you don't know what the iron maidens or cockleshells are: http://www.rooneydesign.com/MaryMary.htm
** Because someone told me they noticed I only write angst stories and that is true. I've never written a story that's starts off happy. I can make them end happily but it takes a lot of effort, so I usually end them with a cliffhanger that can go either way or I just kill them and be like "Macbeth" and those stories that end where everyone dies. :p

On that note, here are a few tips:
1) While you laugh and squeal saying "Me and my girls are made of sugar and spice~" I'll walk by and say, with a drink and yhur boyfriend's # in hand, "Me and my bitches are made of vodka and ice." ;)
2) Whoever is reading this may be a great person, but if we get chased by Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Hewiajima: FUQ YHU. I'M TRIPPING YHU.
Nothing perosnal! :D
3) Say it all yhu want. Preach and scream yhur voice to all of the world: I refuse to break under yhur words and because of this_Yhu can get yhur motherfucking hands off my damn Skittles! XD
4) My age is none of yhur damn business, just know I'm old enough to write here but if yhu try to rape me, yhu're still considered a pedophile. ;)
5) Occ. is that a rhetotical question with me...because I have a list, i mean a LONG-ASS list...O.O
6) I like way-y-y too many things to be sane. Which I'm perfectly cool with~
7) I have a vengeful bloodthirsty vendetta against every squirrel on this planet. (Evil motherfuckers...*gets Rocket Launcher*) -w-
8) I Dislike: *holds up another list* Sealand, hot weather, broken A/Cs, most OC characters, Sasuke...blah,blah,blah
9) Should I not awake as the sun breaks over the horizon...that means I tried to pull an all-nigher for the past week.
**BB out!**
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@JezSmiley: I'm ALIVE!!! ;D
      @EmoBunny4Eva : D: I sowie, I lost my password, and got a new laptop. :( I'm coming back though! :)
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