Brooke has always been a story teller. Bedtime stories for her children rarely came from a book. She would begin a story and have the children help create the rest. So, instead of reading a bedtime story, a story was custom made every night. Even simple emails to her friends and family usually have a story in it somewhere.

She has always been a person who sees the bright side and looks for the good in all situations, even the bad ones."It could be worse" is a common statement. She went to great lengths to teach her children to see the magic everyday life offers. Now she tears when she hears her children teaching their children how to recognize and enjoy that magic. Sharing her magical view of life with others has always been a part of her life.

She began her first book more than a decade ago with her Aunt. Many hours were spend by the two laughing until they cried during the creation of the novel outline and much of the content. When her Aunt was diagnosed with cancer and became very ill, the project was shelved. In the years since, her Aunt has battled cancer four additional times and every time has survived. Brooke has attempted to bring the project off the shelf a handful of times, but Auntie is too busy living life and enjoying the magic of every day. Brooke has learned through her Aunt's journey that nothing is impossible, the odds are what you make of them, and living life to the fullest and laughter are the best medicine. That book will be completed one day, just not today.

She is currently working on So, Whatcha Think, an interactive novel with her sister, Paige. She is also working on the My Friend, My Hero children's book series and the novel Where the Ocean Meets the Sky.
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Story by Brooke Ryter