Bright yet dark lush green orbs made their way to meet with the reader's. A soft almost forced smile appeared on his lips."Hello, I'm Eren Yaegar. Some say Humanities Last Hope."His shoulders shrugged upward. "But, I hope to find Mikasa and Corporal on this site."A soft flush made its way to his cheeks of thinking of the two."Maybe even get to see the other!"

His admin poked her head from behind him, "Hiya! I am the admin so~ I want you guys to know just to like message me when you want and role-play! My Eren is into yaoi so~~~~"She giggled before hiding again.

"Feel free to message me and chat or role-play~!"
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The night was almost like any other, warm yet cold in a way. Eren couldn't sleep like usual. The dreams were staring to get to him. He couldn't control this urge, this urge to let go. When he had men...
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