@Im_Mr_Brightside Haha thanks :3
          	@TacoSauceNess No, I don't. xD


tyleerrr. I miss you. if you were here you probably wouldn't even remember me haha, oh well. I hope you're having fun up there, rocking out with mitch. I'm turning 17 next January!! haha, finally.
          rest in peace, love. xx


Hey dude! Its been what 2 years? I don't know what to say that I've already said, but I still can't believe you're gone. My birthday is coming up, and since I don't know your bday I want to say happy birthday. Happy birthday for the past two years, and from your friends, we love and miss you, now go jam out with Mitch. :)


Tyler. I miss you a lot. I miss you and Austin so goddamn much, and it sucks that you're gone. 
          I love you so much. Rest in peace lovely.