Starting from a new beginning. So Im starting over. Fresh. I kind of excited for this....

Any Questions or Concerns inbox me or e-mail me at bribrat.wattpad@live.com

Okay I truly sorry for taking down the little I had, but I began to read what I had wrote and to me it was very retarded. So I've been working on Chapter One of my new story. Same main character;Brielle, I want it to be at least 3 to 4 pages long.

So just be patient with me. I'm hoping to have it up in the next few weeks,maybe days. I'm sure just yet.

I have like four book lined up. I kinda know what I want them to be about, but I'm confused.. I need some inspiration...( THIS IS A SILENT CRY FOR HELP!)
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Okay well half the chapter is back now, give me another two days to get the chapter back like I want it and then some.
So I had chapter two almost up and ready for y'all right? So my cover disappeared so I was like okay I'll just use Wattpad's cover creator to make a quick one I added the cover and go back to add more to chapter two... It's gone, go on the computer to see maybe it's just a glitch in my phone phone... Nope! All gone! Nothing. It was pretty long too. Wanted y'all to have a long chapter... All freaking gone!!! Wtf Wattpad. See this is why I stopped using them. Crap like this... So it might be another week before I post the next chapter because I have to write it all over again.. I would say I'm sorry, but it isn't my fault so.. Y'all have a wonderful Sabbath Day! 
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Hey y'all! I know y'all are like... You ain't did shit in forever! I understand I'm so sorry! Life sometimes just gets in the way and now I feel like I'm in a better position to actually write a story how I want it. Comment, message me please if you see a typing error. I will try to edit each chapter 2-3 days after posting.So please check out my story Eternity. Love y'all and thanking you for still being here even though I suck at this...