The profile picture is a real non-edited pic of me. I want people to see me for what i really look like.

My name is Brianna Seeley-Madden

I'm 17 my b'day is on the 25th of October ( Halloween candy!!)

Sexuality: I'm straight as straight can be,( but love to be friends with other sexualities)

<3 My eyes are normally gray, but they light up to bright blue whenever i feel a strong emotion
<3 My hair is naturally brown w/ highlights and straight most of the time
<3 I have glasses, but that is because i am a complete nerd and read too much in the dark when i was younger!
<3 I absolutely love my boyfriend 12-05-10<3.
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Beast In Me (Watty Awards)

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Description: He smiled sweetly, finally understanding. He put his hand on my cheek and said " Because life is always changing. And no one know what the future will be like. So I want to live it up. And I want to live...


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