Me: Hello, fellow human beings let me introd- 

*camera turns to the left*

Me: Steve. My face is right here. Now be a good Cameraman and film videos that I can actually show people.

Steve: I'm not paid enough for this.

Me: And you'll be paid even less if you don't Shut your mouth.

Steve: Fine.

Me: Let's make this quick.
The name's Sara. Born on December 20th. Loves anime, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Wi-Fi. Favourite color is blue and favourite bands Set it off and Panic! At the disco. Fave tv show is The Mentalist.

Steve: Can I go now?

Me: One more question.

Steve: What is it?

Me: Do you like anime.

Steve: No. That's for kids.

Me: Go home. Watch:

-The corpse party
-Future diariy
-Attack on titan
-Tokyo ghoul
-Boku no pico (the kids just love it!)

Try not to be proven wrong!
Bye, people!

P.S.: Do you know what else Steve can watch?
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