Meow c: that's how I say hello ^-^ I'm Mary aka @MaryTheZombie and I'll be here for a while so you'll have to stay o.o 

Well I'll do Lyric' s amazing about me 'cause it's easier when someone else does it c:

* He's name ish Lyric. Cool huh?
* He is small cx like a hobbit
* He reminds me of Totoro :O
* He has an obsession for cats but who doesn't?
* Doesn't eat meat :o so weird.
* Adorable even if he says otherwise but that makes him more adorable ^-^ Awww so cute.
* Coloring and photography are his things n.n
* His favorite smiley is ':3'
* We ship together c;
* Sexy pansexual.
* I know you wanna see him naked ;D
* Unicorns are pretty :o
* He likes the same music I do <3 finally someone who understands that metal is not just an angry dude screaming c':
* Mess with him and I'll make you realize what the true meaning of hell could mean ^-^
* Lyric is so fucking sweet and caring that it makes me sick when people can't see it. He's helped me through so much shit even when he's down <3He has my heart. He's the kinda person you'd love eventually, with his random conversations and when he gets hyper is amazing. He's different and I like that.
* He's my fucking boyfriend. If you don't like that well get the fuck off before I do something to your face :3 I fucking love him <3 He's mine e.e

Mary off

I offered her the world. She said she'd gladly share mine ♥ @MaryTheZombie

Dear followers, Lyric is mine. Seth and I have decided to share him.
Sincerely, Caleb


^Dude said he'd cry if I deleted that -_-^
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    Only in my dreams am I with her
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BreakingTheCliche BreakingTheCliche Aug 01, 2014 10:04PM
@jellyfxsh That's actually something I wouldn't mind seeing, only if instead of ripping the nipple off you just put clamps on Castiel. 
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