Hey, I'm back. Well I know its been a very long time and I have let you all down but I wanted to know if anyone was still interested in me writing the sequel to bad boy kisses. Again, I'm very sorry for how long I have been away. School and work have gotten me tied down. But I miss all my fans and my writing. So let me know if you want me to continue.


@BreakFreexx Gurl Are you okay?


@BreakFreexx although this was wrote years ago I would love it if you did finish the sequel but if you can't I understand


@BreakFreexx  I loved your book bad boy kisses, it was to funny , hope you're well 


7 years after reading the first book before you even finished it waiting for updates and here I am still waiting. 


Very love to read bad boy kisses. But when I starting read the sequel it just one chapter, write the next please.....
          Don't you know that we are waiting for your story? You've got million followers and readers, your story is amazing, so what make you stop writing?