Hi guys and dolls!!! My name is Jong Chan min aka Chaka J. aka the female Min Yoongi aka The Goddess of Memes.😂😂😂

I am a eomma, noona, and unnie. I'm a boss and I love K-Pop and K-Drama's, but I don't like drama between fans and fandoms.

I have "MANY" (and I do mean many) bias's and bias wreckers, too many to name.

My first bias and bias wrecker was GD and Seungri(NYONGTORY) and the bias and bias wrecker list got longer.

I love all fandoms and still learning names, especially the ones that have 13 or more(*cough cough* Seventeen and SUJU) members.

I love you guys and dolls and thank you for having this "old lady" in the circle of K-Pop. I will bring the memes wherever need. ❤😘💞😍💞😍
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