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My Child. My Angel.

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Forbidden Love

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Booklover4lyfe commented on Beastly Little Boy - Prologue

Great chapter. There was a part in the beginning that I thought Alice was a bear, the part where the mother bear was protecting its cubs. I want to know why or how her son is a bear so I hope that gets explained later on in the story. You write with a lot of description that I was able to picture what was going on in my head.
Booklover4lyfe commented on These Things Happen - 1 (Mattie)

This was really good. You are slightly lacking detail in the beginning, i feel as if it is mostly dialogue and explain biography's of the characters. I feel too many characters were introduced as it is kind of hard to remember who is who and who they are related to. There was more detail when you started into the part about her sister who died. I wasn't expecting that, but it adds emotion tothe story and the character. Great start!
Booklover4lyfe commented on Warren - Preface

I'm just going to start off by saying that a lot of vampire books that are being written are cliche so I hope you have something planned to make this different than all the others out there. I loved the detail that was in the summary. I felt like I got a sense of what the book was about without you giving away too much detail. This preface was a great start. it didn't give away too much information and I think it sets up well for the rest of the book. You have a very good use of description especially when describing when he killed his family. Overall I thought it was really good.
Booklover4lyfe commented on The Alcoholic Kittens - 1. Freak Out!

This is a really great start. I didn't see anything wrong that really stood out to me. I love your use of description and your large range of vocabulary. It's hard to find stories on here like that. I don't really know much from the time period but I really don't think you need to to know that this is going to be a great story
Booklover4lyfe commented on Amrita (on hold) - Introduction - Part 1

I don't know how I really felt about this chapter. It almost seems fake to me. When your describing your character it should be broken up in the first chapter or two maybe more. I hate reading things like "I'm 5'2", I'm 18 in high school and have blonde hair" it feels like you don't care for the character that much that you're able to sum her up in one or two short sentences. I do think that this story has great potential and you have a very good writing style and use of descriptions.
Booklover4lyfe commented on Amrita (on hold) - Prologue

This is very well written. I have to admit that I was a little confused in the beginning, but after the first few paragraphs it was cleared up. I didn't like when you started using 'you' at first but the more I kept reading the more I got used to it. It's not common for the character to address the reader so I'm anxious to see where you go with that or if it was just a one time type of thing. Overall this was a great prologue. It wasn't too long or too short, just the right length to me. It was awesomesauce!