}- Creativity is just my way to express my emotions that are bottled up inside myself to the brash world -{

A wattpad account owned by an emotional fangirl who lives through their art, writing, and music.

If fangirling is a type of sport I'm the most sportive one out there.

Supports the LGBT community and female rights along with black, Hispanics, Muslims and any other race out there

Me in 3 words...
- Creative
- Open minded
- Dreamer

Pjo - Tmi - Hg - Marvel - Maze Runner - Pokemon - Voltron - Art - Music - Singing - Blue - Nature - sunsets - water - ocean - beaches - foxes - owls - eagles - freedom - MCR - P!ATD - DNCE

Protect mi edgyboi Gladion. Also wdym GladionxMoon aint real? pssssshhhhh.

Poplio :P Absol :P Lucario :P Squritle :P
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Story by Ultimate fangirl 2.0
Escapee by Book_geek_101
Escapee Science Fiction
Chione escaping from her diabolical mother sets out to find freedom but encounters something much more complicated than expected
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